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Our methodology

Expert knowledge in large enterprise applications with best practices in large team development and workflow concepts and tooling.

Expert Knowledge base

The experts at New Point Media know industry best practices for high the demands of todays software project needs.

Development mentoring

We can help management evaluate software projects, provide software architecture consulting, or  development resource needs.

Cross Platform App Development - Build Once Run Everywhere

New Point Media has expertise in developing rich applications using the Adobe AIR run time environment. Your desktop applications can finally have a customized look to improve user experience and productivity independent of operating system or platform.

Adobe AIR leverages Adobe technologies to produce rich applications for mobile platforms as well as laptop or desktop computers. 

AIR applications integrate all your devices, including cameras, scanners, printers, and bar code readers. AIR applications work all the time, whether online or offline.

The Adobe AIR technology can be the basis for the development of your next hot mobile application for deployment on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Windows.New Point Media brings extensive software design experience and offers full service development from user interface design to final deployment.

Mobile Application Development

Sometime the needs of your mobile application may require more advanced capabilities then other cross platform options can provide. 

Native built applications give you the full abilities of the phones built in features and hardware. You will also get highest performance from the device when developing native

Making the choice between building your app natively or using one of the cross platform options is a decision can easily help guide you through.


Enterprise Server Application Development and Integration

Adobe® ColdFusion® application server is used to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain internet applications scalable from a small application to large, secure, and robust enterprise applications, including e-commerce.  ColdFusion allows developers to create dynamic, data-driven pages using fewer lines of code than similar technologies.  ColdFusion can run on either Linux or Windows servers and is compatible with the major database systems in use today including Oracle, SQLServer, and MySQL.

ColdFusion gives you the power of Java with rapid development times. ColdFusion supports the latest HTML5 capabilities making HTML5 development fast.

In addition to ColdFusion development, we have successfully helped clients migrate to more powerful servers, and helped them settle performance issue. If you are looking to move to open source CFML engines such as Railo, we have done this for clients and would be glad to help you though that process.

Talented Developer Resources

For Companies

Finding the right IT contract resources can be challenging for many companies. Many times, placement agencies are used to search and screen possible candidates. Dealing with these agencies can have many challenges of its own. One problem with this is often the placement agency has no technical expertise in the area requested, and cannot provide quality candidates. New Point Media helps companies properly screen candidates to ensure their placement agency is supplying them with quality candidates.

Many companies turn to technology specific firms when they are looking for higher quality than what a placement agency can provide. This can lead to higher costs as these technology firms charge very high rates to provide consultants. The problem is that even with this approach you can still get lower quality consultants compared to what you pay. Many times these agencies mark up their consultants fee as much as 50% or more. So you end up paying an expert rate, but get an intermediate skilled candidate because of the high markup. New Point Media can help find you the qualified experts you are looking for, without the outrageous agency markup.

Tell us about your project!

For Developers

Working with New Point Media you will be able to deal with an agency friendly to consultants, transparent and fair. 

New Point Media was built by a consultant who understands how developers in the consulting/contracting industry are often taken advantage of by recruiting firms.

If you feel you have the Guru skills to join our team and are ready for a challenge, we would love to talk with you.

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Contact Us

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Whether you need a hand-crafted application or a better tool for business, we'd love to hear from you.